Weekly Newsletter 12th January 2018

Liberton Primary School


Happy New Year from everyone at Liberton Primary School!



Last week at Liberton Primary

  • On Monday our staff returned from their holidays for our in-service day which we spent working on the upcoming refresh of our ICT equipment, developing our curriculum and strategies for supporting children with their reading.  We are very pleased to welcome Miss Ann Gillespie who will be teaching Primary 4A, Miss Tammy Robertson who will be working in the Nursery and also delighted that Miss Fiona Marjoribanks will be taking up post as Acting Principal Teacher.  Congratulations to Mr James Nicol from our PSA team who celebrated his wedding over the Christmas holidays.
  • On Tuesday Primary 3 continued their sessions singing with the National Youth Choir of Scotland.
  • On Wednesday a group of our basketball players with their parents and Mrs Bremner travelled down to London to take part in the celebrations of the NBA Match between Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76rs.  The children took part in a whole range of activities including meeting players from the teams, as well as players from Tottenham Hotspur. The children also represented Basketball Scotland in training matches with other JrNBA in the 02 arena itself.  We look forward to them bringing back lots of stories and pictures today.
  • On Thursday we had a special assembly from Changeworks about reducing litter in our playground and local environment. Some of our Green Rockers Libby Leaders group were also interviewed for a Changeworks promotional video.
  • Also on Thursday Primary 4B continued with their block of swimming lessons and P3A continued with their Forest School sessions.


Coming up at Liberton Primary

  • Next week we will be having our Reflection Jotter week where children have a chance to collate their work for the week into a single jotter, to reflect on the learning that they have done and talk about what their next steps should be.
  • On Wednesday we will have our first Libby Leaders sessions of 2018
  • On Thursday our assemblies will launch the next block of our Building Resilience programme which is titled Take a Moment.


Homework Club

Our highly popular Homework Club will recommence the week beginning Monday 29th January for children from Primary 3 and 4 who applied for places earlier on this session.  Mr McGee will be sending out confirmation letters in due course.  Please contact him via the school office if you require any additional information.



We are delighted that we received so many donations for our new library last term.  The shelves are beginning to fill up.  We would still welcome more donations of good quality used books which can be placed in the box at Reception.  We would also welcome any donations of old Lego.


Sharing our Learning Sessions

A reminder that our Sharing our Learning Sessions, where parents get a chance to look over their children’s Reflection Jotter with their child will be held from 3.15pm to 4.15pm on Tuesday 23rd January and Thursday 25th January.


Spare trousers

We would welcome the donation of any old school trousers or plain joggers that could be donated for children who get wet or muddy at break times.  We have run out!


New date for your diary:  Class photos

Coldwells Photography will be coming to take the class photos on the 7th March 2018.


Consultation documents

The Scottish Government have launched two consultations which we are encouraging parents to take part in.  The first regards the presumption of mainstreaming and looks at how children with additional support needs are included and supported within mainstream schools.  The second is entitled Empowering Schools and describes a new Education Bill which will have significant impact on how schools are organised and managed.  Links to the consultations can be found at:







Liberton Primary School Association

Family Film night – Friday 2nd Feb

Back by popular demand, the LPSA are putting on a film night in the school on Friday 2nd Feb @ 5.30pm.


The kids have been voting in class on the choice of film this week and the outright favourite was Boss Baby. So… get the date in your diaries, look out your onesie and your favourite bean bag and prepare to come along for a fun film night together (children must be accompanied by at least 1 adult).


LPSA will be selling tickets outside the school office at drop off and pick up between 29th Jan – 2nd Feb and will be £3 per person or £8 for a family ticket (for 4).


Tickets are limited due to space – last year was a sell-out so get yours early to avoid disappointment!


Fundraising for P7 Leavers

Put your unwanted Christmas gifts to good use – bring them into school in January to be raffled/auctioned at our fundraiser on 25/2/18 at Gilmerton Miners Club (get this date in your diary NOW details to follow) so they find a new home where they’ll be loved! Unwanted, unopened boxes of sweets/biscuits too – anything new and unwanted please donate for the P7s fundraising, many thanks.




Dates for 2018



Events in 2018

22.01.18-26.01.18 Scot’s Week
23.01.18 and 25.01.18 Sharing our Learning 3:15pm-4:15pm
30.01.18-15.03.18 P1 Forest Schools every Afternoon. P1C Tuesdays, P1A Wednesdays, P1B Thursdays (Parent helpers needed)
01.02.18-19.04.18 P5A Swimming every Thursday Morning (Parent helpers needed)
02.02.18 LPSA Family Film Night
01.03.18 World Book Day
07.03.18 Class Photos
12.03.17 P6-P7 Cross-Country Championships
12.03.18-16.03.18 One World Week
19.03.18-26.03.18 Book Fair
20.03.18 P6 Libby Bake Off and Sale
21.03.18 Easter Strings Concert 2:30pm
21.03.18 and 22.03.18 Parent Consultation Evenings
23.03.18 Libby Talent Show
19.04.18-28.06.18 P3C Forest Schools every Thursday Afternoon (Parent helpers needed)
23.04.18-27.04.18 World of Work Week
26.04.18-28.06.18 P5B Swimming every Thursday Morning (Parent helpers needed)


30.04.18- 04.05.18 P6 Activity Week
15.05.18 P1 Induction Play Afternoon 1:30pm-2:15pm
18.05.18 LPSA Adult Quiz Night
22.05.18 P1 Induction Play Afternoon 1:30pm-2:15pm
22.05.18-27.06.18 P3B Forest Schools every Tuesday and Wednesday Afternoon (Parent helpers needed)
23.05.18 P6 Games at the Hub
28.05.18 P6-P7 Interscholastics
29.05.18 M&M Productions in school – The Hobbit
29.05.18 P1 Induction Play Afternoon 1:30pm-2:15pm
05.06.18 Sports Day 9am-12pm
06.06.17 Summer Strings Concert 2:30pm
07.06.18 AM Nursery Sports Day 9:45am start
12.06.18 Sports Day 9am-12pm (Reserve date)
14.06.18 PM Nursery Sports Day 3:30pm start
14.06.18 P7 Senior Show 7pm
19.06.18 P1 Induction 1:30pm
23.06.18 LPS Summer Fair/Family Fun Day
25.06.18 P7 Bowling party 6:30pm-8:15pm
27.06.18 P7 Leaver’s Assembly 1:30pm
27.06.18 Children versus staff Basketball game 3.30pm
28.06.18 Nursery Graduation 10am

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