School to reopen on Monday 5th March

Liberton Primary School will reopen on Monday 5th March for all pupils and staff.  Thank you to our janitor Mrs Neil for her fantastic work in clearing the access paths and making sure our school safe to access.

While the snow remains can parents note the following points:

  • All access to the school will be through the Gilmerton Road gate.  We will hope to reopen the Glenallan Gate later in the week.
  • Please be careful on the surrounding paths around the school and local community as there are still areas of ice and slush.
  • We hope to let children out to play during break times.  Please make sure your children are dressed for the snow.  We have a very big playground which still has a lot of deep snow!
  • We will be touch about rearranged events through email and text and also planned activities for this week such as Forest Schools.

Thank you all for your support last week during the difficult weather and this week as we get back into our school routines.


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