Learning Overview

Please click here for an overview of our learning for term 4 (April to June 2015), including key aspects of learning, ways you can help at home and other information such as PE days.


Numeracy at Home

Click on the link below to view more activities that you can do at home to support your child with numeracy and maths.

Numbers image

Numeracy Home Leaning Wall B

Life in the Past

We enjoyed a special visit from the Museum of Childhood.
We saw what children might wear to school around 100 years ago. We had fun playing with some old-fashioned toys.

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Literacy Block 2

The children have now learned nearly all of the digraphs in block 2! The most recent sounds are; ou (as in mouth and loud), ow (as in town and cow), oi (as in coin and join), oy (as in toy and boy), oo (as in look and foot) and ew (as in chew and new). As with the other digraph sounds, we are using colours to help the children remember the sounds – brown, turquoise and blue. They have been reading and writing words using the rules below, as well as a few others that they just need to remember which spelling to use (such as out, owl and zoo).




Tae Kwon Do

Recently, pupils at Liberton were involved in taster sessions to learn about Tae Kwon Do. P1a really enjoyed warming up by running, doing press ups and moving on all fours. They also enjoyed learning how to safely make two punches and a side kick using the special padding:

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Literacy Block 2

The children have now learned ‘oa’ and ‘ow’ (both making the sound at the end of ‘yellow‘) – they have been building and writing words such as ‘oak’, ‘soap’, ‘boat’ and ‘show’. They have been using the rules shown below to help them:


We have now learned more vowel digraphs; ‘ee’ and ‘ea’ (as in ‘keep’ and ‘ear’) and ‘igh’ and ‘-y’ (as in ‘night’ and ‘my’). We have used sound colours to help us remember these sounds – green for ‘ee’ and ‘ea’, white for ‘igh’ and ‘-y’. Unfortunately there are no rules to help us decide whether to use ‘ee’ or ‘ea’; we just have to remember which words use each spelling. For ‘igh’ and ‘-y’ we have been using the rules shown in the photo below. See further down this page for the rules for ‘ai’ and ‘ay’.

IMG_1131 IMG_1132


Term 3 Overview

Please click here to see an overview of our learning for term 3 (January to March 2015), including ways you can help at home.

Christmas Party

We had a great time at our P1 Christmas party! We played party games in the hall, danced, had some party food in the classroom and even had a special visitor!

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Literacy block 2

The children have recently been learning their first vowel digraphs – ‘ai’ and ‘ay’. Both of these make the same sound (as in ‘wait’ and ‘day’). To help the children decide which spelling of the sound to use when they are writing or building a word, they have been learning the rules shown in the picture below. The children have been sounding out the word (e.g. “rain: r – ai – n”) to decide where in the word the ‘ai’/’ay’ sound is. If it is at the start or the middle of the word they use the ‘ai’ spelling, if it is at the end they use the ‘ay’ spelling. Of course, there are many words that don’t follow these rules as well as other spellings of this sound, but they will learn these as they go through school.



Fairytales continued

Our latest challenge from Fairytale Land was to work together with a partner to build a model of a strong bridge like the one the Billy Goats Gruff had to cross over. We tried building with different materials, and tested our bridges for strength with toys. Please look at these photographs to see how well we did:

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PE – Dance

We’ve been learning some Scottish country dancing in P.E. lessons, and have now worked together to create our own dance! We’ve been learning galloping, sidestepping, skipping, turning and all the while counting in sets of 8 to the music. Please watch the video to see how much fun we had!



We had an exciting start to Term 2 when Mrs Rudram delivered a very special letter which had come all the way from Fairytale Land.

The residents of Fairytale Land have encountered some problems and had hoped that the children would be able to help them. Primary 1a were delighted to be given the opportunity to help.

In order to send their reply, they had to take a pinch of fairy dust, close their eyes and blow it into the air for the wind to carry their answer back to Fairytale Land.

A week later, we received our first challenge from Jack. He wanted to have more adventures in the giant’s castle but he had chopped down the beanstalk. What could he do? The children suggested we could build a ladder to help Jack. We worked cooperatively with a partner, one responsible for cutting and the other for sticking. The ladder had to be as tall as our class tables. They did a marvellous job!

We wonder what the next challenge will be?

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Term 2 Overview

Please click here to see an overview of our learning for term 2 (October to December 2014).


Numeracy at Home

Please click the link below for activities you can do at home to help your child with numeracy and maths:

Numbers image


Numeracy Home Learning Wall A



Term 1 Overview

Please click the link below to see an overview of our learning in term 1, 2014.

p1 term 1 2014 overview of learning


6 thoughts on “P1a

  1. Lovely to see the children enjoying Scottish dancing so much! And so good at it too. Also brilliant ladder-building everyone.
    From Thomas’s Grandma.

  2. We enjoyed watching Thomas and his friends dancing and looking at all the classroom activities on the other side of the world! Great work everyone. From Thomas’ Aunty Fiona and all his cousins in Australia.

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