Learning Overview

Please click here for an overview of our learning for term 4 (April to June 2015), including key aspects of learning, ways you can help at home and other information such as PE days.

Numeracy at Home

Click on the link below to view more activities that you can do at home to support your child with numeracy and maths.

Numbers image Numeracy Home Learning Wall B

The Eclipse

The children were very excited about the eclipse! We watched a video explaining the eclipse and made a pinhole viewer; we then watched the circle turn into a crescent shape. During golden time, some of the children decided to draw pictures of the moon covering the sun – you can see them below.

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This term, we have begun ICT lessons in the computer suite. We have been learning how to use the mouse, including holding the mouse properly, clicking, moving the mouse and clicking and dragging. We have also learned how to open internet explorer, click on a bookmark, close internet explorer and log off/shut down.

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Sun, Moon and Stars 

In term 3 we have been learning about the sun, moon and stars. Here are some photos of the children’s work from this topic, including some brilliant artwork:

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PE – Ball Skills  

In PE this term, we have been working on controlling a ball. We have been learning to dribble the ball and kick it at a target. The children are doing really well! They are also working on identifying their strengths and what they need to keep working on – examples include; dribbling the ball faster, hitting the target and using the right part of their foot. Have a look at the photos below from one of our PE lessons.

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Literacy Block 2

The children have now learned nearly all of the digraphs in block 2! The most recent sounds are; ou (as in mouth and loud), ow (as in town and cow), oi (as in coin and join), oy (as in toy and boy), oo (as in look and foot) and ew (as in chew and new). As with the other digraph sounds, we are using colours to help the children remember the sounds – brown, turquoise and blue. They have been reading and writing words using the rules below, as well as a few others that they just need to remember which spelling to use (such as out, owl and zoo).



The children have now learned ‘oa’ and ‘ow’ (both making the sound at the end of ‘yellow‘) – they have been building and writing words such as ‘oak’, ‘soap’, ‘boat’ and ‘show’. They have been using the rules shown below to help them:


We have now learned more vowel digraphs; ‘ee’ and ‘ea’ (as in ‘keep’ and ‘ear’) and ‘igh’ and ‘-y’ (as in ‘night’ and ‘my’). We have used sound colours to help us remember these sounds – green for ‘ee’ and ‘ea’, white for ‘igh’ and ‘-y’. Unfortunately there are no rules to help us decide whether to use ‘ee’ or ‘ea’; we just have to remember which words use each spelling. For ‘igh’ and ‘-y’ we have been using the rules shown in the photo below. See further down this page for the rules for ‘ai’ and ‘ay’.

IMG_1131 IMG_1132

Term 3 Overview

Please click here to see an overview of our learning for term 3 (January to March 2015), including ways you can help at home.

Christmas Art

Have a look at some of the art we have been doing in the weeks before Christmas. We enjoyed exploring new techniques – we only used our hands and fingers for the Rudolph pictures and we painted over masking tape to create a white snowflake in the night sky.

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Christmas Party

We had a great time at our P1 Christmas party! We played party games in the hall, did some dancing, had some party food in the classroom and even had a special visitor!

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Fairytale Castles

We have been experimenting with mixing colours this year. This term we mixed red with white to see that it made pink. We painted with sponges to create a lovely pink sky. We then made fairytale castles by tearing paper and using the shapes to create the castle. They look great!

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Literacy block 2

The children have recently been learning their first vowel digraphs – ‘ai’ and ‘ay’. Both of these make the same sound (as in ‘wait’ and ‘day’). To help the children decide which spelling of the sound to use when they are writing or building a word, they have been learning the rules shown in the picture below. The children have been sounding out the word (e.g. “rain: r – ai – n”) to decide where in the word the ‘ai’/’ay’ sound is. If it is at the start or the middle of the word they use the ‘ai’ spelling, if it is at the end they use the ‘ay’ spelling. Of course, there are many words that don’t follow these rules as well as other spellings of this sound, but they will learn these as they go through school.



This term we received a very exciting letter from the residents of Fairytale Land! They are having some problems and asked if we would help. We had to send our reply by blowing some fairy dust into the air; it would carry our answer to them. Our answer was a unanimous yes, so we went outside, closed our eyes and sent our reply with the fairy dust. We then had great fun drawing fairytale pictures, writing letters back to them and building fairytale castles and houses. You can see the letter and some photos from that day below. We then just had to wait to see if we would hear from them again!

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Jack and the Beanstalk

One afternoon a box of materials and a challenge card appeared outside our classroom from Jack! He wanted to go back to explore the giant’s castle, but the beanstalk had been chopped down. He wondered if we could build something to help him get back up. We had lots of ideas of what we could build (including an aeroplane, a rocket and a new beanstalk) but we thought a ladder would work best. Inside the box were a lot of straws which we made into great ladders. We had to work together with a partner, with each person having a specific responsibility. Jack then collected the ladders one evening, and returned them a few days later after his adventure! He had joined all the ladders together so it was tall enough to get to the castle. He left us a letter to say thank you!

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We received a note from Fairytale Land to say that the other animals are still afraid of crossing the troll’s bridge. Our challenge was to build another bridge for the animals to use instead. We were to work with our partners again and this time our goal was to use quiet voices so we didn’t wake the troll. We got to choose which materials we thought would build the best bridge and it had to hold the weight of one of the goats’ animal friends. Everyone did a great job!

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The Three Little Pigs

One afternoon we came into the classroom to find lots of building bricks and a challenge card had been delivered. It said that 2 of the pigs now need a new house and asked if we could build some new, strong houses for them. We had to take turns placing the bricks in our cooperative pairs. We looked back at the story and realised that the strongest house was made of bricks. We looked carefully at how the bricks were arranged on top of each other, and saw that they were overlapping the other bricks. We worked really hard in our pairs to build some fab new houses! We then walked around the classroom looking at everyone’s work and giving each other feedback.

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Term 2 Overview

Please click here to see an overview of our learning for term 2 (October to December 2014).

Term 1

See below for a selection of photos showing some of our learning and activities from term 1.

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Numeracy at Home

Please click the link below for activities you can do at home to help your child with numeracy and maths:

Numbers image

Numeracy Home Learning Wall A

Term 1 Overview

Please click the link below to see an overview of our learning in term 1, 2014.

p1 term 1 2014 overview of learning


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