P2C 2017-18

Health and Well-Being: Growth Mindset

We are learning what a growth mindset is, how to have one and to challenge ourselves. We listened to “The Dot” and created our own dot pictures. They are so creative and individual; they are fantastic!



We are learning to sequence higher numbers so we created our own games. We had to make sure our numbers were in the correct order, written round the right way and easy to read. We then played our games to test them. Here’s Mhairi’s great snakes and ladders game.



Wonderful Writing

Look at all our brilliant pieces of writing! Recently we have been writing imaginative stories using connectives, punctuation and openers. We have written some excellent magical stories. We have also written recipes, poems and postcards.


Weather Topic

Last term we learned all about the Weather. We compared and described the different types, explored why we need different types of weather, identified extreme weather and compared housing in different climate zones.  Our key question was “Where does the rain come from?” so we learned about the water cycle. We learned about wind and sun energy and how to measure weather. Look at our display with all of our learning.


Look at the mini blueberry muffins we made with Miss Sloan in Food Fortnight. They were delicious!

Please click the link below to see the overview of learning for term 2:

Overview of learning P2 October – December 2017

Please click the link below to see the overview of our learning for term 1:

Overview of learning P2 August – October 2017
Please look at the presentation below which was shown at the curriculum evening in August: