P3B 2017-18

Please click the link below to see the overview of learning for term 3:

P3 Term 3 overview January – April 2018

Primary 3 Farm trip

On Monday, 4th of December, Primary 3A, 3B and 3C went to visit farms as part of our food and farming topic. We learned a lot about arable crops, farm vehicles and how the animals are cared for. We saw huge piles of wheat and barley, horses, chickens, a pig, Highland cows and Aberdeen Angus cows. We all got to have a go in the farmer’s tractor and some of us even fed the cows some barley and beans! Everyone had a great time and did some brilliant listening and learning. The farmer was also very impressed with how much we had learned already! Check out our photos from our trip here:



Food fortnight

Look at the mini pastry filo pastry pizzas we made with Miss Sloan in Food Fortnight. They were delicious!

mini filo pastry pizzas

Cool creatures!

This term, P3b have been reading about and discussing “The Bog Baby” by Jeanne Willis. We used our imaginations to explore a field of long grass and created strange creatures we might be able to find there.


After that, we wrote stories about them. Here are some examples of some of the brilliant describing we did.

“Long ago I was in a grassy field. It was a sunny day. Lots of flowers. I saw something… I heard something… It was a Keek Scwishy Scwish… I felt scared that it would bite me, scratch me or disappear.” – Sophie

“… we found a Rufes. It was the size of a frog. His shape was a bird and he made bird sounds. It was beautiful.” – Jan

“Long ago I found a creature. His name was Fokokodogoyo. He was about 4 metres long. He had boggly eyes and also had a snakey tail and floppy wings.” – Murray

“My creature is called Fluffy… he had a blue belly, white wings, red and golden hair, red eyes, two pink legs and two yellow. He got sick because he ate cat food.” – Charlie

There were so many wonderful stories this week, well done P3b!

Our unique brains!

This term, P3B have been learning about what we use different parts of our brains for, such as decision making & problem solving, speaking & thinking, memory, emotions and movement. We drew what we used the different parts of our brains for most. We found out that although we have some things in common, each brain is unique!

p3b brains

Science in P3b

Properties of materials – House building investigation

We have been thinking about the properties of different materials and how they can be used.


Four groups made houses from the materials they were given, while one group made Big, Bad wolves (air vortex cannons). We found out that it was difficult to make houses from small cubes and sticky tape!


The Big, Bad Wolves arrived to test our predictions about which materials were strongest!


We recorded our results in a table, then discussed our materials and why they did or did not make a strong house.