We have been learning about the Highland Clearances. We have made news reports about the evictions that took place in the 18th and 19th century.


In our Highland Clearances topic, we learned that a lot of the families ended up moving south to work and live in the towns and cities. We went on a trip to New Lanark to learn about the living and working conditions of the families who moved there.

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Mrs Hutchison’s maths group went out into the playground in search of 2D shapes. We took photos showing what we found.

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Please click here to view our Learning Overview for Term 4.

isleIn ICT lessons this term, we’ve been experimenting with music composition. We used a seqencing program on the Isle of Tune website to make our own compositions. Please click the links below and press play to listen:








 We took part in activities to learn about how to use the internet safely – please watch the video below:

We have used iPads to create a short movie book review for some children’s books, for a competition organised by the Scottish Book Trust. We worked in co-operative groups to plan, film and edit these fabulous short films.

Please click the link below to view our learning targets:

Learning Overview January – April 2014

Learning Overview October – December 2013


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