Living Things Floorbook

This term, we have been learning all about Living Things. We have decided to record our learning in a big ‘thinking and talking’ floorbook. The children have planned the topic based on questions, thoughts and ideas that they discussed at the beginning. You can see our book so far in the photos below.

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Signs of Spring

We have been learning the names, order and signs of the seasons. In autumn we made trees to show the changing colours of the leaves. In winter we made trees to show the bare branches and snow.

Recently we went outside to look for signs of spring. We then wrote about what we saw – in pairs we thought of 2 things we saw and use the connective ‘and’ to join our 2 sentences together.

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We learned how to mix paint. We needed pink for the blossom so we had to make pink by mixing red and white.

We learned what the 3 primary colours are. We experimented with mixing these colours to make new colours. We discovered that red and yellow makes orange, blue and yellow makes green and red and blue makes purple.

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Click on the link for more ideas for activities and games to support your child’s learning in numeracy – P1 Home Learning Wall B.


Please click here to see our learning overview for term 4 2014.


numeracyPlease click the link below for homework activities to help your child with numeracy and maths:
P1 Home Learning Wall A



Our project this term is Space. Look at some of our fantastic learning:

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Please click the link below to view our learning targets:

Learning Overview January – April 2014

Learning Overview October – December 2013


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