P5b 2016/17

We are part of a whole school project to learn about resilience, and so far we have learned that there are ways we can learn to cope with difficult times, and one of the ways is to know who you can get support from – our back up team. We also learned to recognise what we are good at, and to recognise our emotions. Our class made this amazing film to show people what we have learned:


Shaun, Ben, Rishi and Alan worked together to make this fantastic movie about anger and friendships – it’s made it to the final of the Edinburgh Schools Film Competition – part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival!



This term in Social Studies, we are learning all about Japan. The children recently learned how to skim and scan text to find headings, key words and phrases then highlighted this key information. They then rewrote this information into first person narrative sentences and recorded themselves reading them using the Chatterpix app on iPads. They worked brilliantly in co-operative groups to make their videos! Well done P5B!

We have been learning and thinking about our emotions, and made these short films to show how we thought some of the items around school might be feeling! We thought about their emotions, the trigger for their emotions, and how they showed them. This is part of our work on using the Emotions Talk sequencer to help us understand situations where we feel strong emotions:


Overview of learning term 1