P6a have been using Prezi to create presentations to share our research and share knowledge about Brazil and the World Cup. Please take a look below:

Fifa World Cup Brazil by Nathan and Sam

Brazil by Erin

Brazil by Rihards and Samuel

World Cup by Charlie and Balqis

Brazil by Gillian

Brazil by Emily and Sophie

Brazil by Brooke and Madison

Brazil by Mhari

Brazil by Lachlan and Leon

Fifa World Cup by Danny and Alexander

World Cup by Mia and John

Brazil by Jamie

Brazil by Jed and Vincent

Brazil world Cup by Amber and Justin

Brazil by Reda

Brazil by Jianer

The World Cup by Stewart





Please click here for the learning overview for term 4.

This week in our ICT lesson, we tried coding. We used blocks of computer code to make our own games in the style of Flappy Bird! Please click the links below to play our games – watch out though; we modified the games and some of them are really tricky!

Alexander and John


Amber and Yumi


Madison and Sophie










Samuel and Rihards





Justin and Vincent

Jed, Samuel and Amber worked together to make this fantastic news report. They made it to tell the rest of the children at Liberton why we are having a No Electricity Afternoon. Our class suggested having a No Electricity Afternoon to launch our campaign to reduce the amount of energy we use at school. We think our video will convince everyone how important this campaign is.


We learned a Scottish folk song to sing in assembly. Please listen by clicking below:

Please click below to see our Learning Overview for this term:

Learning Overview January – April 2014

Our Christmas party was a huge success! The video below was made by Kate and Sophie.

Our interdisciplinary learning project has been within the context of The Victorians. Please watch the presentations we have made to show our learning.

Please click the link below to view our learning targets:

Learning Overview October – December 2013

A selection of our autumn artwork:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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