Our Staff 2018-19


Headteacher Mr Paul Ewing
Depute Headteachers Ms Katharine Mackintosh

Mrs Karen Rudram

Principal Teacher Miss Fiona Marjoribanks
Nursery Teacher Mrs Jen Lorimer
Early Years Officer Mrs Trish Mills
Early Years Practitioners Mrs Heather Falconer

Miss Sammy Smith

P1a Mrs Cheryl Hutchison

Mrs Suzanne Osborne

P1b Miss Julie Somerville
P1c Miss Carly Mason
P2a Mrs Carolyn Brown

Mr Reuben Barry

P2b Mrs Louise Mabon
P3a Miss Rhiannon James
P3b Mrs Kathryn Brown

Ms Kay Jamieson

P3c Mrs Fiona Govan
P4a Miss Alison Telfer
P4b Ms Kirsty Venters

Mrs Donna Smith

P4c Mr Dave Robertson
P5a Mr Andy Theakston
P5b Miss Helen Calvert
P6a Miss Ann Gillespie
P6b Mrs L Smith

Mrs Angela Charman

P7a Mrs Emma Lyall

Mrs Lisa Witherspoon

P7b Mr Ian McGee
Support for Learning Teacher

Numeracy Support Teacher

Pupil Wellbeing Support Teacher

Miss Fiona Marjoribanks

Ms Kay Jamieson

Mrs Suzanne Osborne

PE Specialist Teacher

Forest School/ Specialist Support Teacher

Mr Danny Moir

Mr Trevor Wemyss

Modern Languages Specialist Teacher Ms Kirsty Venters
Art Specialist Teacher Mrs Carol Bremner
Business Manager Mrs Julia McLaughlin
Pupil Support Assistants Mrs Moira Williams

Mrs Kim Brodie

Miss Jade Fyfe

Mrs Susan Cook

Mrs Heather Bringhurst

Mrs Paula Forrest

Mrs Sylvia Cook

Mrs Terry Clark

Facilities Assistant (Janitor) Mrs Ann Neal
School Administrator Mrs Sharon Law
Clerical Assistant Mrs Angi O’Brien



One thought on “Our Staff 2018-19

  1. Thanks to P3 teachers, Miss Calvert and Mrs Bremner, for all their hard work putting together the P3 assembly today. The kids did really well and it is great to see them performing, singing and showing their artwork in front of other kids and adults – great for buidling their confidence and self esteem. We are also really encouraged coming to assembly and seeing the positive environment and supportive community that’s being developed in the school.

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