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Weekly Newsletter 10th November 2017

 This week at Liberton Primary

  • On Monday our P7 pupils had a great Transition Day at Liberton High School.  On Tuesday our P5 classes were special guests visiting Edinburgh Zoo for the launch of a new programme linking Japanese with the Zoo Education Programme.
  • On Wednesday the children had their flu-vaccinations.  Many thanks to Mrs McLaughlin and the team from NHS Lothian for making everything go so smoothly.
  • On Thursday Primary 4B started their block of swimming lessons at Gracemount Leisure Centre.
  • Our assemblies on Thursday focussed on promoting reading and Anti-Bullying Week.
  • On Friday we had a Festival of Learners Tea Party for all the children who shared their great work with the school last week.
  • Our basketball team will also head off for another Friday afternoon match.  They have been performing brilliantly in the last few weeks with a string of victories.

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P4B Week Ending 10/11/17

This week we have been learning about conductors and insulators.  We did a fantastic job of making an electric circuit using a bulb, battery and wires.  We were all delighted when we were able to make our bulbs light!

Next, we introduced an elastic band to the circuit to see if the bulb would still light.  It didn’t!  We proved in this experiment that elastic bands are not conductors of electricity as the bulb did not light up!  We learned that elastic is therefore an insulator.

Our next experiment included a paper clip, battery, wires and a bulb.  The bulb was still able to light up proving that paper clips, or metal objects, are good conductors of electricity!

Some of us experimented with the metal on our pencil cases and our metal table name holders to test this further.

Domino’s Pizza

What a fantastic trip to Domino’s Pizza, Gilmerton.  We learned about the pizza dough and how the pizza is put together and baked.  We all had our own mini pizza to take back to school and enjoy – yum!  Thank you to Mishka and Joe for an interesting (and delicious) visit.

Weekly Newsletter 3rd November 2017

This week at Liberton Primary

  • Last Friday the children had a brilliant evening at the Halloween Discos.  Thank you so much to Niki Cooney and her team from the LPSA for organising another successful event.
  • On Wednesday we had our second Libby Leaders sessions of the year.  The children really enjoyed making plans on how they can Make a Difference in our school, local community and the world.  You can see their plans displayed in the corridor opposite Ms Mackintosh’s office.
  • This week our Primary 7s also had a visit from Neil Spiers and his team from Edinburgh University Widening Participation Project looking at different career and study options open to the P7s when they are older.

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Weekly Newsletter 27th October 2017

This week at Liberton Primary

  • We hope you all had a great October Break.  The children returned with lots of great stories of their time off.
  • On Monday 23rd we had an in-service day.   Staff worked on developing loose parts play, using the results of our consultation to plan our procedures for reporting to parents, planning the development of an enhanced Golden Time experience for pupils, and working together in year stages to plan learning activities.
  • We are delighted to welcome back Ms Katharine Mackintosh from her secondment.
  • On Thursday our assemblies were based on the Building Resilience programme with a launch assembly themed on Challenge Your Mindset.
  • On Friday we will be having our Halloween Discos (see below).

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