Liberton After School Club

After School Club

Contact Details

Liberton After School Club

c/o Liberton Primary School

229 Gilmerton Road


EH16 5UD

Telephone: 07939 602880



Founded in 1999, Liberton After School Club provides after school care during term time and holiday care during most school holidays, for children attending Liberton Primary School.

It is managerially and financially independent from the school.

Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable childcare, enabling parents and carers to seek employment or studies with peace of mind knowing that their children are being cared for in a safe environment.

The Club encourages a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, good personal hygiene and fitness.

We promote social, emotional and physical wellbeing and encourage the children to develop a sense of fairness, fun and respect, showing courtesy for each other and adults alike.

1. The Club aims to offer a safe, stimulating and child friendly environment for four to twelve year olds outside school hours Mondays to Fridays. Some children attend every day while others attend only on specific days.

2. A wide range of stimulating play and learning activities are on offer, which include art & crafts, board games, sports, imaginative and creative play as well as the opportunity for homework and quiet play. The school’s gym hall is frequently available to the Club, and outdoor play is actively encouraged, weather permitting. The children are offered a choice of healthy snacks and drinks at snack time.

3. The Club is registered with The Care Inspectorate which inspects the Club regularly to ensure the compliance with their standards.

4. The Club is run by a team of staff including the Manager, Play Leader and several play workers. The mandatory maximum staff: child ratio is 1:10 Monday to Thursday and 1:8 on Friday.

Aims and Objectives 

The aim of Liberton After School Club is to provide professional, affordable childcare for children attending Liberton Primary School.

The club will provide:

  • Flexible and reliable care for children of working parents/carers or those returning to education or training.
  • A safe and stimulating child centred play environment where children can experience a sense of value, ownership and belonging.
  • Challenging, fun and exciting programmes of activities which will broaden the range of experiences of the children involved and offer a well-balanced range of self-directed play opportunities and structured play activities including arts ‘n’ crafts, sports, games, projects, drama and outings.
  • Sufficient training and support to ensure that all staff are able to derive the maximum job satisfaction.


  • To provide places for families who require secure, quality childcare due to work, training or education commitments.
  • To provide a staff: child ratio to a maximum of 1:10 Monday – Thursday and 1:8 Friday.
  • To employ qualified/experienced staff, where possible, and encourage staff to take part in further training opportunities.
  • To have regular contact with parents/carers and to encourage their involvement in the club.
  • To continue to monitor and develop procedures to ensure high quality care complying with all relevant legislation.
  • To offer a wide range of creative play and learning activities which include arts and crafts, games, music, storytelling, trips and use of the computer as well as the opportunity for homework and quiet play. The school’s gym hall is frequently available to the Club and outdoor play is actively encouraged, weather permitting.

A Typical Day at L.A.S.C.

Primary 1 and Primary 2 children are collected from their class rooms at 2.45pm and taken to the Club at room 11.

The children and staff then spend some quality time together before the older children arrive. The children can choose from a variety of fun activities such as “Heads Down, Thumbs Up”, “Hang Man”, board games, puzzles, construction, art activities or story time.

Alternatively, the children may choose to spend time in our “cosy corner” and play with a toy of their choice or chat with friends.

At 3.15pm the Crocodile Club children are collected.

The P3-P7 children make their own way from class to L.A.S.C .

When all children have registered, we take the children outdoors to play (weather permitting).

The extensive outdoor area with lots of trees and grassy areas provides the children with space to explore and discover to their hearts content and run off the cares of the school day.

When the children return to room 11 for “Newstime”, we chat about plans for the day, special events and future activities.

The children are encouraged to share their news, views and ideas with the rest of the group. We make a note of any requests for activities or equipment and use these in future planning.

We then have snack.

Snack time is a social event for the children. After a long day at school they look forward to the “run a round” outside and then to sit together with friends in a relaxed, familiar and friendly atmosphere.

This is the perfect opportunity to catch up with the events of the day while enjoying a range of healthy snacks.

From Monday to Thursday we serve a range of snacks with a healthy focus and Friday’s “super snack” is kids’ choice, as a reward for a good week.

Snack time has become so popular that I often feel sorry for the poor adult who attempts to collect their child at this time!

Our daily activity programme aims to meet the childrens’ needs and interests by combining structured play such as art and craft activities, card games, computing, board games and baking activities with self directed play activities such as dressing up, construction, dolls and action figures. We offer the children the opportunity to take part in a variety of indoor and outdoor sports and run around games. An activity sign-up system is in operation, the children decide before snack time which activity they would like to sign up for and put their name on the list for this.

This works really well and allows us to move on quickly after snack and get the most out of the day.

The afternoon is over in no time at all and at 5.30pm the group gets together for a “Wind down” activity. The club closed at 5.45pm.

Admissions Policy

Liberton After School Club welcomes applications from the parents and carers of children who attend Liberton Primary School.

Our Admission Policy is governed by the following principles:

  • We will work in partnership with parents/carers in caring for your child. Our staff will have both the time and the training to welcome you and your child into the Club

  • You will be provided with a “Welcome Pack” with information about the Club and its operation to enable you and your child to make an informed choice about the Club. You will be encouraged to make a pre-admission visit so that you and your child can attend for one complete session prior to taking up a place.

Emergency Contacts

  • Parents/Carers are requested to provide two emergency contacts.
  • Parents/Carers must inform the Manager in writing of any change to your child’s emergency contacts details.
Allocation of Places

You may register your child with the Club by applying to the Manager. Your application will be considered on the receipt of the completed Application to Join Form. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. If the Club is fully booked, your child’s name will be placed on the waiting list.

All information you provide about your child will be treated as confidential and will be kept safe and secure.

LASC is an inclusive setting and, where possible, we will offer places to children with additional support needs, subject to the availability of staff.

Priority in the allocation of places is given to brothers/sisters of children who already attend the Club.


Annual registration fee: £10.00 per family

After School Club

Monday – Thursday (2:45 – 5:45pm): £7.50 per session for P1 and P2/£7.00 per session for P3 – P7

Friday (12:10 – 5:45pm): £12.00 per session

Friday Lunch Club (12:10 – 1:30pm): £5.00 per session

Crocodile Club

Monday – Thursday (2:45 – 3:15pm): £2.50 per session

Holiday Club

Morning session (8:00 – 1:00pm): £8.50 per session

Afternoon session (1:00 – 5:45pm): £8.50 per session

Full day (8:00 – 5:45pm): £16.00 per session

Trip days/Activity days: £18.00 per session


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