Discipline for Learning Policy


Liberton Primary School

Discipline for Learning Policy

Information for Parents

Our policy at Liberton Primary is based on the principle of ‘better behaviour, better learning’.

The aim of our policy is to ensure that all children feel safe, secure and happy.  We encourage children to take responsibility for their own behaviour and good behaviour and achievement will be recognised and acknowledged though a range of reward systems.

We promote a positive learning environment that encourages and equips our children with skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to become:

  • Responsible Citizens
  • Successful Learners
  • Confident Individuals
  • Effective Contributors

Our Rules

We are proud to be members of the Liberton Primary School community

  • We show respect and good manners to everyone
  • We listen carefully and follow instructions
  • We respect school property, equipment and building
  • We behave well and work to the best of our ability
  • We represent our school well at all times.

Individual rewards                  

Primary 2-7:  Bronze, Silver and Gold Reward books

Each child has a reward book which is filled with stamps.  Reward stamps are given by all staff for good behaviour, work and effort.  Each child starts the year with a bronze book.  When a book has been completed children receive a badge or wristband at assembly.  Children who achieve the Gold Reward receive a special treat at the end of the year.

Pupil of the week

Every teacher chooses a ‘Pupil of the Week’ each week.  This child receives a certificate which is handed out at assembly.  Photos of pupils of the week are displayed centrally.

Festival of Learners

Each month a child is chosen for an exceptional piece of work.  They share this piece of work at assembly and receive a certificate.  The chosen pieces of work are displayed centrally.

Class Stars

Classes collect stars throughout the week from different members of staff.  These stars are given for ‘team efforts’ such as walking through the school quietly or working well together in class.  The class with the most stars receives a teddy bear (Nursery-P3) or trophy (P4-7), a certificate for their door and a special prize for their class for the week.  Class of the week also sit on benches at the next assembly.


If a child is not following school rules, after a warning they will receive a Reminder.  These can be given for in school and playground behaviour and can be given by all members of the school staff.  Repeated or more serious offences may result in more than one Reminder.  Children lose 5 minutes of golden time for each Reminder they receive.

If a child receives 3 Reminders in a day or has been involved in a more serious offence they will be sent to the Senior Management Team in school.

If necessary the Senior Management Team will contact parents/carers to discuss the situation and expectations of behaviour.  Parents/carers would be contacted if there was a particularly serious incident or if there was a pattern of negative behaviour emerging.

If a child is kept in at break or lunch on detention they may be asked to complete an incident form which will be sent home to be signed by parents/carers.

We endeavour to resolve behavioural issues as quickly as possible in order to focus on the positive in every child.


Children who forget their PE kit more than twice in a block will get a letter sent home to remind parents and carers to send in kit.

Golden Time

All children receive golden time at the end of the week.  Children will receive the full golden time unless they have been given any Reminders.

A full copy of the Discipline for Learning Policy is available on request.


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