Liberton High School

The Liberton High School handbook can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Liberton High School Handbook 2016/17

Liberton High School

Gilmerton Road


EH17 7PT

Telephone: 0131 664 7514



We are a comprehensive school serving our community in the South of Edinburgh. We have around 65 staff providing outstanding educational experiences for 575 pupils through the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence.

We believe that every single pupil in our school has huge potential and it is our mission to work with them, their parents and the entire community to ensure that every one of them delivers excellent performance in all aspects of their school careers.

Transition Days

P7 to S1 Transition Days – Tuesday 21st June, Wednesday 22nd June and Thursday 23rd June 2016.


Registration and Enrolment

Registration for new First Year Secondary pupils takes place in November each year. Pupils should be registered in only one school for their catchment area. Parents will be provided with information about the school when they register their child.

Parents who want to send their child to a school other than the catchment school must make a placing request.

Parents of pupils who have moved into the catchment area, or who wish their child to transfer to the school, should contact the school office for information.


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    • This page has now been updated with details of recent and upcoming events. We hope you find it useful. Please see the Liberton High School website for more information.

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