Medication at school

Medication – procedures and administering:

If your child has a long term medical condition, please ensure you have noted this on his/her enrolment form.  If your child develops a long term medical condition after the point of enrolment, please ensure you come in to inform the school and to complete the appropriate paperwork.    In order for us to administer any medication, either short term or long term, it is essential that you complete the appropriate form as this gives us consent.  You can get forms for medication from the school office, or you can download them from the bottom of this page.  If the medication is long-term, please ensure you hand this in at the beginning of each school year.  It is the responsibility of parents and carers to ensure that medication kept in school is in date.  If we see that medication is out of date we will of course inform you of this and request new medication to be sent in.  All medication will be sent home at the end of the summer term.  If medication is not collected at this point it will be disposed of.

Storage of medication in school:

If your child has an inhaler for asthma or an Epipen for a severe allergy, this will be kept in the classroom and will be available at all times.  If your child has an Epipen we request that you provide us with a second one which will be kept in the medical room.  We ensure as a school that a number of our staff complete additional training on the management of asthma and severe allergies.  This training is updated every 2 years for relevant staff.  Children with an Epipen for a severe allergy will require a Health Care Plan which we can complete with you.  This plan must be signed by the Head Teacher in order for us to administer the medication.  Medication other than inhalers and Epipens will be stored in our school medical room along with the appropriate medical form or health care plan.

We strive to ensure that our records for medication are kept up to date so please inform us of any changes for your child.

The following links will enable parents to download the necessary forms should you need your child to have medication administered in school:

Non-prescribed medication form

Short term prescribed medication form

Long term prescribed medication form

Long term as required medication form

Pupil self administration of medication request form


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  1. Hi there, just to let you know that the links to the medication forms on the website are not working so the forms cannot be accessed. Would it be possible to reset the links so that the forms can be downloaded? Thanks.

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