Standards and Quality Report

Action Plan in response to Education Scotland Inspection, 2013-14

Education Scotland Inspection

On 29th October 2013 inspectors from Education Scotland published their report following their visit to the school in September.  This report highlighted a number of key strengths within the school, particularly:

  • Children who are well motivated, engaged and keen to learn.
  • The overall quality of pastoral care and support for children.
  • Aspects of learning and the range of opportunities being developed, such as the use of the outdoor area, to enable children to achieve more.

We are very proud of these strengths and will continue to develop them within our school.

They also outlined three areas for development;

  • Increase the pace of implementation of Curriculum for Excellence.
  • Continue to focus on improving consistency in the quality of learning.
  • Ensure that the school’s approaches to self-evaluation support all staff and learners to focus on learning and achievement.

A full copy of the Education Scotland report is available from our website.

To respond to these areas we have created an action plan in three themes.

Theme 1:  Implementation of Curriculum for Excellence

What we aim to achieve:

  • The principles and practices of the Curriculum for Excellence will be embedded across the school.
  • Pupils, staff, parents and carers will have a shared understanding of the school’s priorities.
  • We will continue to develop key approaches and strategies in learning and teaching.
  • Staff and pupils will continue to share practice to develop learning across the school.

How we will do this:

  • We will continue to develop and embed whole school programmes such as Cooperative Learning, Big Writing and progressions in numeracy, literacy and health and wellbeing.
  • We will further develop the use of ICT using new PCs and iPads.
  • We will explore the use of floorbooks to help children contribute to planning their own learning.
  • We will further develop our teaching of numeracy and mathematics by using SEAL (Stages of  Early Arithmetic Learning)and Heinemann Active Maths Programmes.
  • We give staff further opportunities for further professional discussion and professional learning.

Theme 2:  Great Learning

What we aim to achieve:

  • Pupils will have greater opportunities to become skilled as creative learners and thinkers.
  • All pupils will benefit from a high quality learning experiences.
  • Learning for children will be demanding and challenging.
  • All pupils will continue to be supported in their learning.
  • There will be great opportunities for children to have choices in their learning.

How we will do this:

  • We will continue to develop the Libby Leaders project to give children the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in a real-life context.
  • Children will become more able to think and talk about their own learning using Higher Order Thinking Skills.
  • There will be an increased focus on creative learning and teaching and developing children’s creativity skills across the school.
  • Creative approaches to learning will be developed and embedded in the life of the school.
  • We will continue to develop learning tasks which are challenging and which are relevant to real-world contexts.
  • We will continue to ensure that teacher, self and peer assessment is used to improve learning.

Theme 3:  Focussed Self-Evaluation

What we aim to achieve:

  • Assessment information and tracking procedures will be used to ensure that each child progresses at an appropriate pace.
  • Staff will have greater opportunities to discuss effective practice and share professional learning.
  • Parents will become better informed about their child’s learning in order to improve the support they can give.

How we will do this:

  • Assessment information will be used to track individual pupils’ progress to enable effective planning for pace and challenge
  • Staff training and skills will be reviewed to focus on key aspects of the action plan.
  • Parents will be provided with more relevant information on how their children are learning in school through termly information sheets, Sharing our Learning sessions and an revised end of term report.

As progress is made through the action plan updates will be available through our newsletter and on the school website.


Liberton PS logo

Standards and Quality Report 2012-2013

       Each year we write a report to:

  • Show the progress made by the school in the previous year
  • Highlight the achievements with pupils, staff, parents and others
  • Identify areas for improvement for the coming year

This leaflet is a summary of our report for parents and carers.

Our successes and achievements in 2012-2013:

Improvements in performance:

  • Pupils in our nursery have shown good progress in literacy
  • Our nursery have improved their procedures for observing and recording progress in learning through developing individual pupil learning profiles
  • Attainment results in Literacy and Numeracy have improved in P4 and P7
  • We continue to provide a wide range of learning opportunities across the curriculum
  • There has been more focus on celebrating individual achievements including achievements out-with school
  • We have improved communication with parents through our newly updated website

Learners’ Experiences:

  • Nursery pupils are more involved in planning for learning, for example through taking part in ‘mind-mapping’ activities
  • Children across the school are confident in sharing their opinions and we are providing more opportunities for this
  • Cooperative and collaborative approaches in learning are better established across the school with a strong focus on developing social skills
  • Children in our Pupil Council led a review and worked with a professional artist which resulted in a pupil friendly redecoration of the toilets
  • The implementation of our Outdoor Classroom has provided more pupils with the opportunity to learn outdoors
  • Pupil Leadership groups such as the Pupil Council, Junior Road Safety Officers and Green Rockers had a very successful year with our Green Rockers now ready to apply for the ‘Green Flag’ (top award in Eco Schools Scotland Programme)
  • We have maintained and built on very good links with local sports clubs
  • Assemblies focusing on the values of Justice, Wisdom, Integrity and Compassion have built upon our positive school ethos
  • We celebrated diversity in our school community through a parent led One World Day and Chinese New Year celebration
  • We strengthened our link with our Partner School in Kenya during Africa Week
  • We have introduced a new ‘Playground Buddy’ system
  • We have very successful after school activities such as the school choir, handball, football and a range of Active Schools Clubs

Meeting Learning Needs:

  • We have very good links with and involvement of outside agencies to support additional pupil needs
  • Through training, staff have more specialist knowledge in how to meet additional support needs
  • We implemented a ‘Seasons for Growth’ programme for 2 groups of pupils in P3 to P7 who have experienced loss of a parent or close family member through death or divorce/separation

The Curriculum:

  • We implemented ‘Big Writing’ across the school which focuses on key technical skills and helps children improve the quality and content of their writing
  • One of our Early Years Practitioners has been leading a ‘PEEP” group for pre-nursery children and their families
  • We have continued to develop and resource curricular programmes
  • We have maintained good links with Liberton High School through support with Mandarin, Home Economics, sports events and activities
  • We updated our transition programme, including support for children experiencing class reorganisation at different stages
  • We had a very successful ‘Global Citizenship’ focus week


  • We introduced ‘Pupil Focus Groups’ to gather views of pupils in Literacy, Numeracy, Outdoor Learning and Cooperative Learning
  • Nursery have introduced a ‘suggestions box’ for parents
  • We had a very good response from our online Parent Survey which was available to all parents/carers at Parent Consultations and the results were shared on our website.

Our improvement priorities for 2013-2014:

  • To develop more active approaches to teaching Maths and Numeracy across the school and to develop a new Maths/Numeracy policy
  • To ensure recent initiatives such as ‘Big Writing’, Cooperative Learning and Outdoor Learning continue to have a positive impact on pupils’ learning
  • To provide further opportunities for all pupils to lead an area of school life through ‘Libby Leaders’ groups
  • To extend ‘JASS – Junior Award Scheme’ to all pupils in P6 and 7
  • To continue to develop systems to celebrate pupil achievement both in and out of school
  • To achieve more coherence, along with our cluster schools, in assessment and moderation procedures and tracking progress in learning
  • To track pupil progress more effectively to support planning for learning
  • To continue to work with partner agencies to support children with English as an Additional Language, particularly in supporting assessment
  • To improve opportunities for staff to take part in professional dialogue and reflection
  • To improve parental involvement in the improvement planning process, for example through parent groups to help support the development of new school policies
  • To build on opportunities for pupils and parents/carers to contribute to self-evaluation of school improvements

A full copy of our report can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Standards and Quality report 2013


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