Liberton Primary School

Uniform Policy

This policy is the result of a year-long consultation and discussion between the school and parents of Liberton Primary School, including a questionnaire to all parents and discussion at Liberton Primary School Association meetings.  The information collected has been collated into guidelines designed to meet the needs of the whole school community.

What are the Benefits of a School Uniform?

We believe that there are many advantages for the pupils, for the school and for parents/carers in having a clear dress code. These advantages include:

  • encouraging a sense of belonging and pride in the school
  • encouraging a purposeful attitude to school work and extra-curricular activities
  • enhancing the image of the school in the community
  • discouraging competition between pupils (regarding designer wear, for example)
  • discouraging bullying and victimisation which may arise from pupils not having certain clothing or footwear
  • improving school security through easy identification of intruders
  • improving security on excursions through the easy identification of pupils.

Support from Parents/Carers

We hope that all parents/carers are aware of the advantages of the school uniform code for pupils and that all parents/carers will do their best to support this code for the benefit of all the pupils in our school.

School Policies

The school will promote and encourage pupils to wear uniform by working closely with parents/carers, pupils and the Parent Association.  The school will remind pupils and parents/carers of school rules on uniform through assemblies, newsletters and the school handbook.

Clothing that is Unacceptable in Schools

The general guide in this respect is that clothing is unacceptable if it could disrupt the normal operation of the school or cause damage or injury or give offence.

The following categories of clothing are unacceptable in school:

  • clothing and footwear which could cause health and safety problems for the wearer (e.g. clothes that are flammable, certain types of ear-rings)
  • footwear which could cause damage to the flooring or carpets
  • football shirts, scarves, baseball caps
  • clothing with words or pictures on them which could give offence to others
  • clothing which advertises the use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
  • make-up and jewellery

Parents/carers of pupils who wear any of the above items in school will be asked to arrange for the pupil to wear suitable clothing.  Due to the health and safety reasons outlined above the school may withdraw pupils from classes/excursions if they are unsuitably dressed.

If a pupil does not wear the school uniform the school may adopt the following procedures:

  • ask the pupil to comply with the uniform
  • lend the child a clean school sweatshirt for the day
  • contact parents/carers by letter or by telephone
  • invite parents/carers to the school to discuss the uniform

Branded new uniform items can be purchased from the school.  Order forms are available from outside the school office.  Items must be paid for at the time of placing the order.   Uniform ordered is distributed to children on a Tuesday.

Liberton Primary School also has an excellent nearly new uniform service run by a member of the Parent Association.  These clothes are in good condition, a fraction of the cost of new items and all parts of the uniform are available. You can pick up a nearly new uniform order form from outside the school office.

Clothing vouchers can be exchanged in school for items of school uniform.

The School uniform is as follows:


Yellow or green sweatshirt

Yellow or green polo shirt

Black or charcoal grey trousers or shorts

Green jogging bottoms (no other colour or styles of sports trousers please)

Black shoes/black unbranded footwear (no luminous trainers please)

Black or grey shorts for hot summer weather


Yellow or green sweatshirt or green cardigan

Yellow or green polo shirt

Black, or charcoal grey skirt, trousers, shorts, pinafore

Green skirt/pinafore

Green jogging bottoms (no other colour or styles of sports trousers please)

Black, charcoal grey or green tights

Black shoes/black unbranded footwear (no luminous trainers)

Green or yellow checked or striped summer dress

A school branded green fleece (optional) or branded green waterproof (optional) are available for both girls and boys to purchase from the school office.

PE Kit (Outdoor)                                             PE Kit (Indoor)

T shirt                                                                   T shirt

Shorts/sports trousers/yoga pants              Shorts

Warm top                                                             Gym shoes


Primary 7

In addition to the uniform outlined above P7 pupils may also wear a black sweatshirt.  A black P7 branded sweatshirt is available to purchase from the school at the end of P6, or if available, through the nearly new clothing.  All other uniform remains as above, i.e. yellow or green polo shirt.  It is not acceptable to wear a plain black cardigan or jumper.


Blue nursery sweatshirts are available to purchase through the nursery.

Liberton Primary School and Liberton Primary School Parent Association 2012


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