Liberton Primary School Association

Liberton Primary School Association (LPSA) Meeting Dates

Please feel free to come along to any of the Association meetings.  We always welcome any LPSA support from our families. If you are happy to volunteer your help or services to any of the above LPSA events, please get in touch by emailing your interest to “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

About LPSA

Liberton Primary School Association (LPSA) is a group of parents, staff and councillors who meet on a regular basis to: help parents have a say, support the School and fund-raise.  We hope that by getting involved, we’ll help the children to have an even better school experience.

Liberton Primary School Association – sign up now

LPSA offers a brilliant way to get involved in school life.  The association already belongs to all parents and guardians but needs your active support and participation to have the most positive impact.  We do this by working closely with the Headteacher and his staff on a wide range of issues that affect your children and the school.  We meet every few months and talk about the curriculum, school and local authority policies, new initiatives and opportunities for the kids.  We also organise events on behalf of the school community which in turn help to raise valuable additional funds.  You don’t have to sign up to do anything in particular but all help – big and small – and all views on school issues are welcome.  Sign up to stay in touch (with no obligation at all) by liking our Facebook page or by emailing

 LPSA Constitution

This is the constitution for Liberton Primary School Association (LPSA)

Purpose / Objectives

  • To form an Association to work for the good of the children
  • To promote partnership across the school community i.e. Children, parents/carers/staff and co-opted members of wider community.
  • To develop, support and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of the children
  • To represent the views of parents/carers on matters affecting the education and welfare provided by the school
  • To provide a forum for involvement in issues that affect the school


LPSA consists of all parents/carers, children, staff and co-opted members of the wider community

Any LPSA member can volunteer to be part of the committee. The Committee shall consist of four Office Bearers, up to 3 teaching staff, up to 15 parents/carers. There will also be honorary (non voting) positions for the Head Teacher and up to 4 co-opted members. Co-opted members will serve on the Committee for one year.  In the event that the number of volunteers exceeds the number of places set out in the constitution, members will be selected by election.

A quorum of 6 is required at full meeting of the committee and for voting decisions.

LPSA Committee members will serve for a minimum of one year.

However – any member of the Committee that is unable to attend 3 meetings in a row will automatically lose their position.

If a member of the Committee acts in a way that is considered to undermine the purpose / objectives of LPSA their membership will be terminated. At least 4 other members of the Committee must agree to this. Termination of membership will be confirmed in writing by Office Bearers

Members of the Committee will represent the views of the school community and support the school in specific areas such as recruitment, fund-raising, social events etc

Committee members shall be elected at a full meeting of the LPSA annually.

Office Bearers shall be elected at a committee meeting annually and consist of – Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary

Any of the office bearer posts may be shared by two Committee members e.g. co-secretary

Vacancies on the Committee may be filled by the Committee co-opting a member.

The Committee can invite any individual or group to join meetings if it is deemed necessary. These guests would not have a vote.

The Officer Bearers would usually have been Committee members previously, unless in exceptional circumstances. In such cases the committee may decide to nominate a new member as Office Bearer. LPSA office Bearers must stand down after serving for one year but are eligible for re-election.

LPSA will meet 6 times per academic year

Any interested person may attend Association meetings as a non-participating observer

An Annual General Meeting will be held in the summer term each year

No alterations may be made to this constitution other than at a full meeting of the Association.


Any monies raised by LPSA shall be used for the following purposes:

  1. to contribute to the school fund in order to assist with the financing of materials or projects
  2. to fund Association social events

Limits of authority

  1. Expenditure per single item requires the following authority

–         up to £50    – Chairperson & Treasurer

–         £51 – £500  – A quorum of six committee members

–         Over £501  – At least ten committee members

The LPSA accounts will be audited prior to the AGM

Any Office Bearer may open a bank or building society account in the name of the Association for all LPSA funds. Withdrawals will require the signature of the Chair / Treasurer and one other member of the LPSA Committee.

Should the LPSA cease to exist any remaining funds will be passed to the school

The Clerk to the Association will be re-numerated with monies allocated by City of Edinburgh Council. If this funding ceases no payment will be made to Clerk.


 LPSA Committee is accountable to the members of the school community. A report will be made to this body at least once a year

If 25 members of the LPSA request a special general meeting the LPSA Committee have a duty to arrange this, giving all members of the school community at least 2 weeks’ notice

Any 5 members of LPSA Committee can request that an additional meeting be held, all members of the Committee will be given at last one week’s notice

Copies of the minutes from all meetings will be available to members of the school community and can be requested at any time.

Other news will be posted on the main page.


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