Green Rockers


The Green Rockers are taking part in the ‘What’s Under Your Feet?’ campaign.  We are exploring the impact climate change is having on wildlife.  Across Britain the populations of many bird species are declining and scientists want to find out if this might be caused by food availability.  Soil invertebrates are a very important part of birds’ diets.  We will be carrying out soil sample surveys throughout the year and recording how many soil invertebrates we find in our school grounds.  We will also be recording the birds we can see in our school grounds.  Here are some pictures from our October Survey.  A big thank you to the JRSOs who helped out!

Our Green Rockers have been working with Edinburgh Council’s ‘Living Landscape’ team to plan wild flower and long grass meadows in our school grounds.  We hope to encourage more biodiversity and look forward to finding out what wildlife these new habitats will attract. Watch this space!

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Latest news – November 2014:
We achieved our Green Flag Award ! Now we are working towards our second flag.
green rockers1
The Green Rockers have been very busy setting up recycling in the school. We now have a bin to take plastic bottles, cardboard and other materials which can be recycled. We are still emphasising that before you recycle you should REDUCE the amount of waste materials and REUSE whenever possible before RECYCLING. We would also like to draw attention to the clothes bank in the playground.
green rockers 2
The Green Rockers carried out an audit on waste in the dining hall. We held a competition to see which year group produced the least waste. Primary 4 won!

We discovered that the food waste from school dinners has remained the same but there has been an increase in the package waste from packed lunches. We would like to urge parents to look at cutting down the packaging in packed lunches as much as possible and the Green Rockers are going to make a display in the entrance hall to give you some ideas about how to reduce packaging.

We are planning an Eco Day this year in February to display our flag in the school hall. The Green Rockers are organising this event.

Visit to the Waste Cabin

419 - waste cabin visit

We wanted to find out about where our rubbish goes after it leaves our school so we decided to visit the Waste Cabin. We had a very interesting afternoon looking at what goes into an average bin and how rubbish can be sorted and reused or recycled. We were taken on a tour of the site and saw huge containers full of different materials which can be reused or recycled and we found out where they were sent and what happened to them. We also found out about landfill and we got a big pack of information sheets about waste which we will be using next term, as one of the topics we will be working on is Waste Minimisation. We will be sharing this work with the rest of the school during assemblies.


About Green Rockers

The Green Rockers is our pupil group who promote and co-ordinate whole-school action on sustainable development education issues. Liberton Primary recently achieved their Silver Award for our work within the Eco Schools framework. Click here to find out more about what we do.

Picture 1

We meet at least twice a term and are one of the groups in Libby Leaders. Each class from primary three to primary seven has an elected class rep and the younger classes have Green Rockers allocated to them to keep them informed. We take part in assemblies to tell the rest of the school about our activities. If you are in the school please have a look at the Green Rocker notice board to see our recent activities and who we are and have a look at our Eco Album which is displayed in the entrance hall. If anyone would like to get involved in any of our activities please contact us through the school office.

Our Projects 

We have undertaken a number of projects. Developing a wildlife garden was one of our biggest developments. Parents, children and teachers worked together to make the garden and it has been widely used by different age groups to study plants and mini-beasts. A Bug Hotel was added and we will be looking at various habitats for mini-beasts living inside it over the coming years. The Eco Art Group is also looking at ways of improving the path.

Switch off fortnight logo

We have worked on various aspects of Reusing, Reducing and Recycling and made posters to draw attention to these issues which have been displayed on our notice board. We take part in a campaign called Switch Off Fortnight to encourage people to become more aware of wasting electricity. Primary 6 are going to develop this in late February/March 2014 with a campaign to reduce our school’s energy use.
We visited Gylemuir Primary to look at the work they have been doing and arrange assemblies to share information and ideas. Each year group also has a folder in which they can record any eco work they do so the Green Rockers can share this with the rest of the school. We send representatives to eco fairs to share our activities with other schools and see what they are doing.

Bottle top Christmas tree

We collected plastic bottle tops to use in art projects. Our latest creation was a bottle top Christmas tree. Children visiting our Eco Action Fair were invited to decorate a bottle top to add to our tree.

Eco Action Day

In November 2013 we held an Eco Day. We had lots of activities highlighting eco issues. These included:

  • an eco dollshouse
  • a ‘guess what it was made from’ table – the elephant dung paper was very popular!
  • eco snakes and ladders
  • a smoothie bike – the smoothie maker was powered by pedal power!
  • a bottle top Christmas tree
  • planting daffodil bulbs
  • displays on reducing, reusing and recycling
  • a display of some of the activities the Green Rockers had taken part in – the photographs of the children with the snails were most appreciated!

Thank you to all the children, parents and environmental groups who took part in this. Please look at the photos and video below to see what we did.

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Bring and Buy Sale

Previously we held a Bring and Buy sale which was very successful. We raised £180 which we can use for environmental projects within the school. We held a “guess the number of bottle tops” competition to win a Polar bear soft toy.

Thank you to all the parents and teachers who donated toys and children’s books and all the children who came along.

Guess the number of bottle tops

Zero Waste Heroes

We are working with Changeworks on an initiative called Zero Waste Heroes. We are set tasks to try to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle within the school. We have been looking at ways of reducing the amount of waste in the dining hall. We measure the amount of waste and look at ways of reducing the waste by encouraging people to look at how packed lunches are packaged and how not to waste food in school dinners.

Changeworks ran a workshop for us which was very messy! We looked at the contents of one bin and discovered that virtually everything in it could have been reused or recycled! There are lots of different activities for us to look at and we are hoping to get more and more year groups involved, led by the Green Rockers.

Food waste






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