Libby Leaders

Libby Leaders


We have been running Libby Leaders at Liberton Primary for the past few years. Libby Leaders groups are mixed ages and classes, some being a mix from P2-7 and others P2-4 or P5-7.

Libby Leaders groups aim to involve children in the wider ethos and life of the school.

The groups are designed to promote learner participation and leadership, ensuring children are fully involved in school improvements and the decision making processes in school. Groups either involve children in developing and sharing expertise in a chosen area of interest, or taking responsibility for leading an aspect of the life and work of the school and wider community.

Libby Leaders groups help children to develop skills in learning, life and work and links are made to the wider community and world of work, where appropriate.

This year we have the following Libby Leaders groups:

Green Rockers

Promoting all things Eco related!

Libby Sings

Developing and sharing a love of song.

Equalities and Fair Trade

Helping to raise awareness across the school community.


Improving the appearance of our grounds.

Digital Leaders

Developing skills to share with peers.


Promoting and raising awareness of Road Safety.

Libby Reads

Promoting reading for enjoyment and helping to develop school library areas.

Japanese Community Links

Developing our school link with a school in Tokyo.

Promoting writing

Developing own skills and sharing ideas across the school, with a focus on graphic novels and comics.

Promoting Playground Games

Learning new playground games to share with classes.

Promoting Dance

Developing skills in dance and organising dance in the playground for all!

Promoting Maths

Working on display and ways to encourage an interest in mathematics.

Healthy Eating

Developing cooking skills and creating a healthy recipe book.

Art and School Display

Improving the display in our school.

Sports Coaching

Developing skills as sports coaches to support peers.







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