Around Our School



Here are some photos taken around our school.

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2 thoughts on “Around Our School

  1. I went to Liberton briefly almost 23 years ago when I was 10, then I went back to China, and now settled in Canada for more than 10 years already. I’ve missed the the sweet Liberton school always, and today suddenly decided to search for its website, and happily found it! The pictures and videos brought back so many good memories, many good things stayed the same over the years! But exiting changes are also seen: children are now learning computer and electronic skills, and they look taller and smarter than I used to be😛. Thanks to technology, I get to visit the school again in the virtual world. I hope to visit in person in the near future. (p.s. I got my English name from Liberton, the head master then gave me the name “Kay” based on my Chinese name. I hope she and my former class teacher(Ms. Marshall?) are doing very well).

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