Emotion Works

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In every class at Liberton, we use an approach called Emotion Works. We’ve learned that if we understand the different components of emotional situations, we can understand how others are feeling, and we can learn how to be more in control when we feel strong emotions. Some of the children in P4B helped to make this fantastic film to show you more about Emotion Works.

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Basketball Champions!

On Saturday, 9th of December, Liberton Golden State Warriors won the Jr. NBA basketball Scotland League at Oriam sports complex. We all played fantastically well in the Final against Bonaly Boston Celtics, winning 49-12.

We were presented with the trophy and with our own Championship rings by former NBA Golden State Warriors player Vlad Radmanovic! Below is a gallery of photos from the day.

 Please keep up to date with news from our basketball team on their new section of the website by choosing from the drop-down menu under Pupil’s Information above, or clicking here.

P4B Gardeners!

This morning, Primary 4B braved the cold to help plant some daffodil bulbs at Inchview Care Home beside the school. The children worked with staff from the home to plant many bulbs into the embankment next to the school, as did some children from Liberton High School.

Very kindly, staff from Inchview provided our busy gardeners with hot chocolate and a lovely Christmas treat to take home, which the children were very thankful for.

We’re looking forward to seeing the bulbs come through in the Springtime. Take a look at our busy gardeners below!


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Liberton Lightning!

Liberton Lightning!

We have a new page on our website for our fantastic Liberton Lightning Team. Liberton Lightning is the school’s football team for girls, from P4-7. Please click on the Pupil’s Information drop down menu above or click here.

Until we have a little more light in the evenings, football training will take place in the school hall on Tuesdays from 3.30-4.15.

Liberton Lightning Lottery Funding!


afas_rgbLiberton Lightning recently received some fantastic news!

The Big Lottery – Awards for All Scotland have awarded us £904 to spend on establishing our team and having our own equipment. This funding will help us train and keep on improving our football skills, preparing us for games and tournaments in the future!

New team badge coming soon!

We will be buying football strips for our team in the near future, so our footballers are busy designing a team badge to be embroidered onto our new kit! Watch this space for updates. (If any of our team need an entry form, come and see Mr. Robertson this week!).

P4B Week Ending 10/11/17

This week we have been learning about conductors and insulators.  We did a fantastic job of making an electric circuit using a bulb, battery and wires.  We were all delighted when we were able to make our bulbs light!

Next, we introduced an elastic band to the circuit to see if the bulb would still light.  It didn’t!  We proved in this experiment that elastic bands are not conductors of electricity as the bulb did not light up!  We learned that elastic is therefore an insulator.

Our next experiment included a paper clip, battery, wires and a bulb.  The bulb was still able to light up proving that paper clips, or metal objects, are good conductors of electricity!

Some of us experimented with the metal on our pencil cases and our metal table name holders to test this further.

Domino’s Pizza

What a fantastic trip to Domino’s Pizza, Gilmerton.  We learned about the pizza dough and how the pizza is put together and baked.  We all had our own mini pizza to take back to school and enjoy – yum!  Thank you to Mishka and Joe for an interesting (and delicious) visit.