Weekly Newsletter 22nd September 2017


This week at Liberton Primary

  • I hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend.
  • On Wednesday we had our first Libby Leaders session of the year.  There was great excitement as the children joined their groups for the first time.  This year, each group has been challenged to Make a Difference in the school, the local community or the wider world.  We look forward to seeing what they achieve.
  • On Thursday our assembly was themed on the Golden Rule of the major World Religions to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Also on Thursday we also had our first school photos with Coldwells Photography.  It was a huge undertaking to organise individual and sibling photos for nearly 500 children in a day but we managed this in record time.  Thank you especially to Mrs McLaughlin, Mrs Brodie and the brilliant team of parent helpers who made it all go so smoothly.
  • Also on Thursday our Nursery had a chance to visit Moredun Library as part of our Libby Reads programme.
  • On Friday morning we had our first meeting of our Running Club and started the year with our biggest ever turnout of 33 children.
  • Also on Friday the LPSA and LASC worked together to raise funds by selling ice-cream after school.


Next week at Liberton Primary

  • Next week we will be starting our Libby Food Fest where we will have a whole school focus on healthy eating, food production, cooking and enjoying food.  Thank you to Miss Sloan for organising this event.
  • Also next week our Homework Club will start for children in P5 – P7 only. Due to the increased numbers of children wanting to attend, the club will operate from next week until the Christmas holidays for P5 – 7 and from January until Easter for P3 and P4.  Thank you to Mr McGee for organising this and for all the staff who support the club.
  • On Thursday our assemblies will focus on Libby Reads and P4 to P7 will also get a chance to find out more about Seasons for Growth, our programme to support children who have experienced change or loss in their lives.
  • Also on Thursday  our Primary 2s will visit Moredun Library.


Waterproof coats

As we enter Autumn please ensure that your child has a waterproof jacket with them every day.  Children will still be allowed out to play at playtimes unless the rain is particularly heavy.


School Website

Our teachers have recently received training on adding to the class pages of our school website.  Keep an eye out for updates.  If you subscribe to our website you can get email notifications sent to you of any updates.


Old £1 coins

We will be unable to accept any old £1 coins after the 30th September.


Friday Mobile Library Stop – Cameron Toll

If you fancy using your new library cards and want to try something different, why not use them at the Library Bus every Friday after school 1.30pm – 2.30pm.  The library bus is situated at Cameron Toll Shopping Centre for all Library Card holders to use.


Library Visits

This term we are excited to visit our local library to borrow some books! Some questions have arisen about the logistics of a class library trip. Please refer to the information below to help you understand how the visit will work.


Logistics of library book borrowing

  • If your child already has a library card, they can take it with them on their class trip date and borrow a book.  They can take this borrowed book home.
  • If your child does not have a library card, the class teacher will take out a library book for your child using the class library card. The book, in this case, must be kept in school.
  • If your child is being registered during the class trip by their class teacher, after a fortnight, your child will have their very own library card.  In the meantime, your child will use the teacher’s class library card and will keep the library book in the school. Ms MacDonald will collect your child’s new library card from the library and distribute.  New library cards can then be used at the next class trip or at any time when your child visits the library.
  • All library cards can be used in ANY Edinburgh City Library and not just Moredun Library.
  • Books taken out on the teacher’s class card will be the school’s liability if they ever became lost.
  • Books taken out on an individual child library card will be the parent/carer’s liability if they ever became lost.


Logistics of returning library books

  • Books can be borrowed and returned to ANY council library in Edinburgh, they can also be returned to ANY library in Edinburgh, even if it is not the library you originally borrowed the book from.
  • If your child has borrowed a library book and taken it home, they can return it themselves at any date before the due date stamped on the front of the book.
  • If you would prefer your child to return their library book with the class teacher at the next class trip, please keep it safe and then make sure they bring the library book in for the next library class trip date.
  • Return library book due dates will be extended to November, to allow for ease of returning books at the next class trip if families do not wish to make their own separate trip.
  • Even if your child has a library book they did not take out with their class teacher, they are welcome to return it during any library class trip with their teacher this year.




Edinburgh Doors Open Days at Inch House Community Centre


We are delighted to announce that we will be participating in Edinburgh Doors Open Days on 23rd and 24th September by opening Inch House Community Centre to visitors, and of course local families. 


This year the House celebrates it’s 400 year anniversary of the dated part of the house of 1617, built by James Winram, Keeper of the Signet of Scotland. Instead of our usual guided tours we have added a little extra and will be joined by costumed performers who will tell the personal stories of some of the people who lived there. An exhibition of photographs documenting the history of the House right through to its recent times as a school, will also be available for all to see. 


Light refreshments will be available and I have attached the relevant information for distribution should you wish to share our news with your colleagues, families and friends.


Hope you can make it and looking forward to seeing you over the weekend.



Scotland’s Geoheritage Festival

We’re on a mission to get everyone out exploring Scotland’s incredible geological heritage this October! The first ever national Geoheritage Festival will run nationwide from 1st to 31st October 2017, with a wide range of family events, guided walks and talks across Scotland. Tying in with the Scottish Geodiversity Forum’s latest project, highlighting the 51 Best Places to see Scotland’s Geology, the festival will take in many of our most famous and unique geological sites as well as hidden gems that you never knew existed.




Dates for your Diary


Please click the link below or view our calendar for a comprehensive list of important diary dates for the year ahead at Liberton, as well as meeting dates for the Liberton Primary School Association(LPSA).

The LPSA always welcome support from our families. If you are happy to volunteer your help or services to any of the LPSA events, please email your interest to lpsa.communications@gmail.com. These dates can also be viewed on the LPSA page.

The diary list also includes costings for the year for events to support our families to budget ahead.

Liberton Primary Dates for your diary 2017/2018 

P5 Rugby Tournament.

On Monday 11th Spetember 10 P5’s went to Murrayfield to represent Liberton Primary School in a touch rugby tournament. Mr Moir and Mrs Cook took us on the bus.

When we arrtived we went into the stadium, we got a tour of Murrayfield and watched a rugby coaching video. We were taken through the tunnel the players use and out to the side of the pitch. “Flower of Scotland” was played over the speakers. We saw a few of the players and people that work there.

We were playing on the training pitches. We played 5 matches altogether. We won 3 and lost 2. Our passing was great and lots of us managed to score a few tries. Mr Moir said we played well. Mrs Cook was impressed with how we did too.

Some of us nearly missed a whole game because we couldn’t find the toilets and got a bit lost!

We think we came 3rd in the tournament. It was a fun thing to do and we enjoyed it.

Ryan, Lelynd and Olivia


Weekly Newsletter 8th September 2017

This week at Liberton Primary

  • This week the children enjoyed taster sessions in both Judo and Basketball from Active Schools.
  • Our P1s continued their Forest School adventures.
  • On Tuesday there was a brilliant turnout for the first Liberton Primary School Association meeting of the year.
  • On Thursday P6 visited Moredun Library and returned weighed down with great books and requests for a return visit.
  • On Thursday we had our Libby Leaders launch assembly.  The children have completed their preference sheets and we will try to make sure that all the children are allocated into one of their choices as best we can.
  • Primary 7 also enjoyed their visit to the Library on Friday.
  • Well done also to all the children who took part in their diving competition at Aberdeen last week.

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Weekly Newsletter 25th August 2017

See the bottom of this post for a list of dates for the year

 This week at Liberton Primary

  • This week our Primary 1s have just completed their first full-time week of school.  They have settled in brilliantly and deserve a relaxing weekend after all their hard work.
  • On Monday Primary 3s enjoyed their trip to the Book Festival to hear Chris Hoy talk about his book Flying Fergus.
  • On Wednesday the Primary 6s got some great ideas for writing at the Book Festival from Lari Don and the Primary 7s enjoyed their presentation from Cathy MacPhail.
  • On Thursday at assembly the children found out about our plans for Loose Parts Play during lunchtimes.  This will start on 4th Well done to P3C and P5A who were Classes of the Week.
  • Also on Thursday P4A had their first swimming lesson of their block.
  • It has been basketball week on the MUGA this week and it has been great to see lots of boys and girls playing so enthusiastically.  Next week the children will get to choose what other activity they would like to do on the MUGA.

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Welcome Back Newsletter 18th August 2017

Welcome back to everyone after the summer holidays.  We have had a great first week at school and it has been wonderful seeing everyone return.  A special welcome to our new Primary 1s who have settled in brilliantly.  Also welcome to all the children who have joined the school in other year groups and our new members of staff: Miss Carly Mason, Mrs Sakinah Safi, Miss Bianca Murray, Mrs Angela Charman, Miss Fiona Marjoribanks and Mrs Wendy Irvine as well as our MA3 teaching student Miss Rachel Hughes who will be working with us this year.

New Building

Our new extension building is now in use and is looking fabulous.  There have been a few bits of finishing off and snagging this week but the Primary 7s have loved exploring their new classrooms and already our studio hall has been put to good use.  Over the next few weeks all the children will get a chance to visit the building.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this journey including those who helped lobby for the building, took part in the design process and to the whole school community for their patience during the building works.  A special thanks to Mrs Julia McLaughlin our Business Manager who has worked incredibly hard to ensure that the build went as smoothly as possible.

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