Primary 3 Farm Trip


On Monday, Primary 3A, 3B and 3C went to visit farms as part of our food and farming topic. We all got to have a go in the farmer’s tractor and some of us even fed the cows some barley and beans.  Check out the photos from our trip here: Primary 3 on the farm


P6 Activities Week

This week, both Primary 6 classes have had an amazing time, taking part in lots of outdoor, sporting and adventurous activities. On Monday, we visited Fordell Firs Outdoor Activity Centre, on Tuesday we had an outdoor learning day, on Wednesday we visited Jupiter Artland, on Thursday we took part in lots of different sports (judo, cricket, and tae kwon do), and on Friday we chose from a range of activities.

Please watch the videos below to see how we got on – and the children would really appreciate your comments!